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Webinars refer to online seminars or presentations that are conducted through web conferencing or video communication platforms. Webinars often include features such as live video streaming, slide presentations, chat functions, and interactive Q&A sessions.

Webinars come in many shapes and sizes. The factors should be considered including:

Proposed event dates

Event sponsors

Number of presenters

Time zones of attendees

Event budget

Access to the necessary software and technology of your audience


Workshops can facilitate in-depth discussions and exploration of various topics. Through presentations, discussions, and interactive exercises, workshops provide a platform for attendees to delve deeper into the subject matter. Each workshop is tailored to meet the specific needs, goals, experience level, and time constraints, ensuring a valuable and personalized learning experience.

You have the option to organize workshops either in-person or virtually.

When setting up your online workshop program, it is helpful to consider the following:

Different time zones of participants

Planning online live content

Q&A within and between different components


Conferences can be either online or offline. When the conference is offline, participants are required to be physically present at the event venue, where they can communicate with fellow experts, researchers, students, and professionals. Hosting a conference can provide many of the benefits:

Showcasing work and scholarly insights through paper presentations

Improve communication and presentation skills in a diverse environment

Foster a sense of community and engagement within a specific field

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